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a) Read between the lines, see what you can find!
b) inchworms
c) use facts to find the answers
d) right there information

a) this is to detect important information from the text
b) iguanas
c) random map of unrelated ideas
d) summary of information

a) tell me about it, what does the author mean, use your words and make it plain
b) zebras
c) use lots of confusing words
d) make the meaning unclear

a) I do this because I'm the judge! I value, critique, appraise without a grudge
b) elephants
c) to create a biased opinion
d) to persuade using judgement and criticism

a) explain elaborate make your writing really great
b) dogs
c) no explanation and unclear writing
d) leaving the reader with questions

a) right from the very start, decide, discriminate, and tell apart
b) dolphins
c) to combine and push ideas together
d) To NOT separate or explain each part

a) think of this and you will find that you have made up your mind
b) deermouse
c) text that causes confusion
d) Not asking good questions

a) Tell me all about it. Write it, share it, or even shout it!
b) dinosaurs
c) summarize your ideas
d) Not making a clear picture of what you want to say

a) Show me what you know; make it plain, ready? Set. Go!
b) dragons
c) no sharing of ideas
d) keeping all the information to yourself

a) use words to show, 1,2,3, what you know
b) dingos
c) summarize
d) combine everything into one sentence

a) find the things that are NOT the same; see how many you can name
b) cockroach
c) find the things that are the same
d) write a summary

a) what does this mean, can you see it, can you dig it
b) kittens
c) no clear understanding
d) confusion

a) find the things that are the same; see how many you can name
b) coyote
c) find all the differences
d) write a summary

a) Shout it out give an author credit; put the word out
b) civets
c) take credit for someone else's work
d) plagiarize

a) to say it well, be as clear as a bell
b) anacondas
c) mutter and whishper
d) talk really fast so no one can understand you

a) Break it down, down, down and then explain what you found, found, found
b) aardvarks
c) combine and simplify
d) push all your ideas together on one pile

a) Arrange your thoughts, get it done! This makes time to have more fun
b) orangutans
c) create a complete mess so you can't find anything
d) scatter your ideas throughout your writing to make the reader search for your meaning

a) mention specific information indicate ideas that need attention
b) rodents
c) insert your opinions randomly
d) the guy at football games that blows a whistle if a rule is broken

a) Strengthen what you say. Prove your thoughts in additional ways.
b) snow leopards
c) not support or prove your ideas
d) just make up information so the words look good on paper

a) take the words the authors say, make it easier say it your way
b) penguins
c) using the exact words from the text
d) plagiarism

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