Jr. Iditarod Spellling Practice 2 Question Preview (ID: 325)

Choose The Correct Spelling Of The Word That Completes Each Sentence. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A detective will help you solve the ______________.
a) mistery
b) misstree
c) mistere
d) mystery

The _______________ pulled out my tooth.
a) dintist
b) dentist
c) denist
d) denest

______________, I do want one please.
a) ackshually
b) acshually
c) actually
d) actualy

The __________________ of the desk is 20 inches.
a) with
b) widt
c) wedth
d) width

I love __________________ apples!
a) caramel
b) carmel
c) caramal
d) carmal

My family likes to carve a ________________ on Halloween
a) pumkin
b) pumken
c) pumpkin
d) pumpken

A ________________ is worth 25 cents.
a) kwarter
b) qwarter
c) kwartar
d) quarter

I made a _____________ for lunch.
a) sanwich
b) sandwich
c) sanwitch
d) sandwitch

The girl _____________ her daddy's arm because she was scared.
a) grabed
b) grabt
c) grabbed
d) grabbt

The movie was so _______________ I screamed!
a) frightening
b) frightning
c) fritening
d) fritning

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