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If you have an original image containing 24,000 pixels, it now contains 18,000, what can you say about the image.
a) It is portable
b) It has been compressed
c) It is transparent
d) It has good color depth

Premade graphics that are available online and in many software packages; may be vector or raster are referred to as?
a) Photographs
b) Art work
c) Clip Art
d) Rastery

Which term refers to the amount of detail displayed in an image; the higher it is, the higher the level of detail.
a) Resolution
b) Compression
c) Tranparency
d) Portability

Which term describes the following: removing a part of an image, while the original image retains the same file size and then saving the new image as a new object.
a) Nudging
b) Dithering
c) Cutting
d) Cropping

What is the term that describes making the edges of an image appear blurry.
a) Dithering
b) Nudging
c) Feathering
d) Layering

What is removing the background color of a raster image to allow the image to blend in with its background called
a) Transparency
b) Portability
c) Compression
d) Filtering

Which term is defined as smoothing the lines or transitioning between neighboring colors and shapes in an image.
a) Dithering
b) Anti aliasing
c) Feathering
d) Layering

What is the relationship of an object’s width to its height.
a) Layering
b) Anti alias
c) Aspect Ratio
d) Resolution

Which images are also called bitmap graphics and are composed of grids of pixels that have a fixed resolution per inch and cannot be resized without losing image quality.
a) Rasters
b) Vectors
c) Clippers

Which term defines images composed of mathematical formulas that define lines, nodes and curves of digital images?
a) Rasters
b) Vectors
c) Clippers

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