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How are the rights of juveniles different from adults taken into custody?
a) They are the same, except juveniles may have a guardian present
b) Juveniles do not have the right to remain silent
c) Juveniles have the same rights as adults accept they do not have the right to an attorney

Who is in charge of running the government of a county?
a) Mayor
b) Commisoners
c) The Governor
d) The Legislature

In which type of government is the mayor's role primarly ceremonial?
a) Strong Mayor Council
b) Council Manager
c) Weak Mayor Council
d) Commission

Which statement is correct when comparing delinquent behavior to unruly behavior?
a) Unruly behavior are things that are not considered crimes if you were to commit them as an adult
b) Only adults can be charged with delinquent behavior.
c) Unruly behavior is considered to be more serious than delinquent behavior
d) Unruly behavior only applies to middle school age children.

Which is NOT true about special-purpose governments?
a) They govern themselves
b) Created for a specific job/task
c) Examples are: school districts, housing authorities
d) They investigate corruption in state government

What limits the power of a municipality?
a) The Georgia Constitution
b) The city charter
c) The Bill of Rights
d) The US Constitution

Which of the following is considered unruly behavior?
a) A juvenile smoking marijuana
b) A juvenile shoplifting
c) A juvenile committing robbery
d) A juvenile violating curfew

Which is NOT one of Georgia's Seven Deadly Sins?
a) Murder
b) Rape
c) Armed Robbery
d) Shoplifting

Which is NOT a step in the juvenile justice process?
a) Jurisdiction
b) Intake
c) Detention
d) Sentencing

In which type of city government is the person who handles the day-to-day business of the city hired and not elected?
a) Comission
b) Strong Mayor Council
c) Weak Mayor Council
d) Council-Manager

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