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The three ethnic groups located in the Middle East are________.
a) Jews, Persians, and Kurds
b) Kurds, Persians, and Arabs
c) Arabs, Muslims, and Kurds
d) Persians, Christians, and Kurds

______________ has a poor transportation system and sometimes many people have to share a car to get to work.
a) Iran
b) Israel
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Afghanistan

_____________ is a process that brings fresh water to an area so that farmers can water their crops.
a) Precipitation
b) Evaporation
c) Irrigation
d) Oil refining

__________ countries in the Middle East have a complex transportation system. meaning they have advanced public transportation.
a) None
b) Some
c) All
d) Five

Water scarcity is caused by evaporation being greater than _______________.
a) the amount dried by the sun
b) suspension
c) precipitation
d) plasma

People tend to live near _______ due to the availability of jobs.
a) Farms
b) Oil wells and refineries
c) Deserts
d) an oasis

Port cities are ______ populated meaning a lot of people live in them.
a) densely
b) lowly
c) not very
d) somewhat

The Middle East produces more ______ than any other region in the world.
a) Water
b) Oil
c) Textiles
d) Agriculture

The amount of money produced by a country's sale of goods are services is known as ________.
a) Gross Domestic Price
b) Grave Domestic Product
c) Given Domain Price
d) Gross Domestic Product

_________ are a contributing factor to pollution in the Middle East.
a) Rivers
b) Oil rigs
c) Farming
d) Irrigation

____________is caused by sewage, industry, and farming.
a) Irrigation
b) GDP
c) Diversity
d) Pollution

Farmers must use _________ water to irrigate their crops.
a) salt
b) polluted
c) fresh
d) a mix of salt and fresh

_________ produces the most oil of all the countries in the Middle East.
a) Israel
b) Iran
c) Iraq
d) Saudi Arabia

The demand for water is much greater than the ______________ of water in the Middle East.
a) greater
b) less than
c) supply
d) demand

________ are the main source of fresh water in the region.
a) Lakes
b) Oceans
c) Wells
d) Rivers

__________ are a major factor that contribute to the water shortage and pollution.
a) Rivers
b) Dams
c) Water containers
d) Oil

The Middle East is an arid region, which means _________ and _________.
a) dry and wet
b) cold and wet
c) dry and hot
d) cold and hot

The two main problems concerning water in the Middle East are ______.
a) Pollution and Irrigation
b) Dams and Pollution
c) Unequal distribution and Pollution
d) Unequal pollution and Irrigation

People in the Middle East live in areas near _____________.
a) Salt water
b) Deserts
c) Fresh Water
d) Irrigation

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