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An interesting simile is
a) a figure of speech that compares
b) a form of disease
c) a recipe for pasta
d) a way of answering a question

a clever adage
a) an advertisement
b) proverb
c) an answer
d) a system

the medicine's potency
a) color
b) result
c) strength
d) price

to make an allusion
a) answer
b) applause
c) reference
d) rewording

to use a metaphor
a) figure of speech
b) specific word
c) example situation
d) complex sentence

to test its authenticity
a) evidence
b) ability
c) genuineness
d) importance

a poem's cadence
a) mood
b) style
c) rhyme
d) rhythm

an intensive study
a) concentrated
b) popular
c) superficial
d) false

to recognize a fallacy
a) complicated pattern
b) a difference in opinion
c) symbolic meaning
d) a mistake in reasoning

a figurative expression
a) showing amusement
b) bad grammar
c) not literally true
d) containing facts

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