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What does clinch mean?
a) Feverishly
b) Grinding teeth
c) To settle decisively
d) A challenging situation

What does flawless mean?
a) With a lot of imperfections
b) Fortunate
c) To have a bad reputation
d) Perfectly

What does stigma mean?
a) To have a bad reputation
b) Perfect
c) Flawless
d) Something is wrong with your eye

What does shank mean?
a) A prison weapon
b) Someone who smells
c) A nasty person
d) A golf term meaning to hit the ball with the wrong part of the club

What does dwell mean?
a) A domed house
b) To think too much about something
c) A type of Olympic dive
d) Fred's secret dance

What does recite mean?
a) To repeat something
b) To copy someone else's paper
c) To dance one's heart out
d) A golf term meaning to hit the ball with the wrong part of the club

Which sport does a triathlete not compete in?
a) rowing
b) swimming
c) biking
d) running

What word means to settle decisively?
a) stigma
b) clinch
c) flawless
d) shank

Which word means perfect?
a) flawless
b) shank
c) stigma
d) triathlete

Which vocabulary word means to think too much about something?
a) dwell
b) obsession
c) focus
d) fixate

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