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The bones that make up the backone are called
a) humerus
b) vertebrae
c) phalanges
d) carpals

What are 2 functions of the skeletal system?
a) controls and coordinates body activities
b) protects and supports the body
c) produces and transorts oxygen
d) produces and eliminates wastes

What is not a function of the skeleton?
a) produce blood cells
b) provide shape and support for the body
c) obtain oxygen
d) protect internal organs

Which 2 body systems cause the leg to bend?
a) respiratory and excretory
b) reproductive and endocrine
c) nervous and digestive
d) skeletal and muscular

Your brain is made mostly of which type of tissue?
a) nerve tissue
b) muscle tissue
c) epithelial tissue
d) connective tissue

The bones of the skeleton store the nutrients phosphorus and
a) iron
b) potassium
c) calcium
d) sodium

Which type of muscle is found only in the heart?
a) smooth
b) cardiac
c) voluntary
d) soft

Which type of joint provides the greatest range of movement?
a) hinge
b) gliding
c) pivot
d) ball-and-socket

What type of muscle controls digestion?
a) voluntary
b) cardiac
c) involuntary
d) skeletal

Skeletal muscles work in pairs because
a) muscle cells can only extend
b) it takes 2 muscles to move a bone in one direction.
c) when muscles work in pairs they tire less quickly
d) muscle cells can only contract

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