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a set of related living things that all have certain characteristics.
a) Species
b) Glacier
c) Impressive
d) Naturalist

a great mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain, along, a valley, or over a land area.
a) Naturalist
b) Slopes
c) Glacier
d) Impressive

able to have a strong effect on the mind or feelings; able to influence deeply.
a) Naturalist
b) Slopes
c) Preserve
d) Impressive

person who makes a study of living things.
a) Preserve
b) Naturalist
c) Slopes
d) Species

any line, surface, land, etc., that goes up or down at an angle.
a) Slopes
b) Wilderness
c) Preserve
d) Species

a wild, uncultivated region with few or no people living in it.
a) Preserve
b) Species
c) Glacier
d) Wilderness

to keep from harm or change; keep safe; protect.
a) Glacier
b) Impressive
c) Preserve
d) Species

Miss Crimmins' favorite color is...
a) Rainbow
b) Orange
c) Brown
d) Pink

Miss Crimmins' favorite flower is....
a) Rose
b) Poppy
c) Violet
d) Sunflower

Miss Crimmins has _______ dog(s).
a) One
b) Seventeen
c) Six
d) Ten

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