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Which government system has the people elect representatives to make laws for them?
a) Oligarchy
b) Communism
c) Republic
d) Monarchy

If I was in the northern hemisphere and I traveled south, I would eventually hit the _____________.
a) Equator
b) Prime Meridian
c) hh
d) kk

In the United States our form of government is a type of democracy called a ___________.
a) Military
b) Republic
c) Monarchy
d) Colonial

What is a good example of a pull factor?
a) Oppressive (mean to people) government
b) Jobs
c) No religious freedom
d) Dangerous working conditions

Which country has the least amount of religious freedom?
a) Czech Republic
b) United Kingdom
c) France
d) China

What is a good example of a push factor?
a) High paying job
b) Religious freedom
c) Affordable housing
d) Flood

What is it called when you have a ruler who has absolute power, not elected by voters, and people are called ''subjects''
a) Theocracy
b) Monarchy
c) Direct democracy
d) Indirect democracy

Which of the following is a good example of a custom?
a) Edgar uses money to purchase something
b) James takes a taxi to work
c) Tim puts on a traditional outfit and performs a ceremony every year for the community
d) William votes in a local election on an issue he feels strongly about

What is the correct way to write absolute location?
a) latitude N/S, longitude E/W
b) longitude E/W, latitude N/S
c) not the answer
d) not the answer

What does migration mean?
a) Movement of birds from one place to another
b) People building a settlement
c) A bear sleeping during the winter months
d) Settlement of people from one place to a different place

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