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What stem means against?
a) eu-
b) ex-
c) psuedo-
d) anti-

What does intro-/intra- mean?
a) within
b) beyond
c) excellent
d) fake

Which stem means good?
a) anti-
b) eu-
c) ex-
d) -ness

What does pseudo- mean?
a) within
b) good
c) fake
d) relating to

Which stem means large?
a) macro-
b) micro-
c) -ic/-ical
d) -ness

What does peri- mean?
a) small
b) having a skill
c) out
d) around

Which stem means beyond, above, or on?
a) super-
b) epi-
c) small
d) state of

Which stem means excellent, beyond, great?
a) super-
b) peri-
c) intro-/intra-
d) ex-

What does micro- mean?
a) large
b) around
c) small
d) against

Which stem means out or outside?
a) eu-
b) peri-
c) -ure
d) ex-

What does -ic/-ical mean?
a) relating to
b) having a certain skill
c) state or quality of
d) act or process of

Which stem means state or quality of?
a) -ic/-ical
b) -cian/-ician
c) -ness
d) -ure

What does -ure mean?
a) beyond
b) act or process of
c) outside
d) within

Which stem means having a certain skill?
a) -ness
b) -ure
c) above
d) -ican/-ician

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