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If the people in a town contracted amebic dysentary or infection by the animal like protist, giardia, the most likely cause would be contaminated drinking water
a) True
b) False

Ciliates use flagella for feeding and movement.
a) True
b) False

Sporozoans differ from other protists in that they do not move on their own.
a) True
b) False

Malaria is a disease caused by a protist injected into the bloodstream by mosquitoes.
a) True
b) False

A paramecium is an example of a protist that uses flagella for movement.
a) True
b) False

A person who comes down with malaria can infer they contracted it from
a) the bite of the tsetse fly
b) the bite of a mosquito
c) contaminated water
d) infection by giardia

In an amoeba, a small cavity within the cytoplasm that stores food is called a
a) pseudopod
b) gullet
c) food vacuole
d) contractile vacuole

Which structure of a paramecium is analogous to a reverse library?
a) the macronucleus
b) the micronucleus
c) the gullet
d) the trichocysts

To which phylum to amoebas, foraminiferans, and heliozoans belong?
a) sarcodines
b) pseudopods
c) ciliates
d) sporozoan

Zooflagellates may live in lakes and streams where they
a) feed by sweeping food particle into their gullet
b) absorb food through their cell membranes
c) feed by surrounding their meal and taking it inside themselves
d) penetrate and live inside of a host cell

The sporozoan Plasmodium causes a disease known as
a) African sleeping sickness
b) malaria
c) amebic dysentary
d) algal bloom

Which of the following diseases does the animal like protist known as Entamoeba cause?
a) African sleeping sickness
b) potato blight
c) amebic dysentary
d) malaria

If a ciliates contractile vacuole were to malfunction, how would this affect the organism?
a) It would lose too much water and die.
b) it could not move
c) it could not remove water and die
d) it would not be able to eat

If an organisms cilia or flagella were to malfunction, how would this affect the organism?
a) it would not be able to reproduce
b) it would not be able to move
c) it would not be able to eat
d) it would not be able to breathe

The function of a ciliates food gullet is to
a) allow oxygen to enter the body
b) receive sex cells from another organism
c) helps the organism move
d) traps food into the organisms body

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