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A species is a group of similar organisms that
a) can live together
b) can migrate from island to island
c) can mate and produce fertile offspring
d) all have the exact same traits

A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce is called a(n)
a) adaptation
b) evolution
c) variation
d) mutation

The process by which individuals are better adapted to their environment and are more likely to survive and reproduce is
a) competition
b) variation
c) adaptation
d) natural selection

How does natural selection lead to evolution?
a) environmental changes kill weaker members of the species
b) overproduction provides food for stronger members of the species
c) helpful traits accumulate among surviving members of the species
d) stronger offspring kill weaker members of the species

creating more offspring than can possibly survive is called
a) competition
b) overproduction
c) homologous structures
d) evolution

Similar structures that related species have inherited from a common ancestor are called
a) fossils
b) early development
c) developmental organisms
d) homologous structures

What is one of the main ways that a new species forms?
a) competition between members of the species
b) a group is separated from the rest of the species
c) cross-breeding occurs within the species
d) mutations occur in members of the species and kill them

How do MOST fossils form?
a) A dead organism becomes buried in tar.
b) An organism becomes frozen in ice.
c) A dead organism becomes buried in sediment.
d) An insect becomes trapped in amber

Differences between members of the same species are called
a) variations
b) selections
c) adaptation
d) traits

Scientists combine evidence from fossils, body structures, and DNA to
a) decide which fossils are older than others
b) determine what bones an organism will have in its forearm,
c) determine whether an organism will have fins during its early development
d) determine the evolutionary relationships among species

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