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What is the product of -3.5 and 1.7?
a) 5.95
b) -5.95
c) 1.8
d) -1.8

Tony used 3.5 cans of chicken broth to make soup. Each can contained 6.5 ounces of broth. What was the total number of ounces of chicken broth he used?
a) 22.75 ounces
b) 10 ounces
c) 3 ounces
d) 20.75 ounces

To which subset does 12/4 belong?
a) whole and rational only
b) integer and rational only
c) whole, integer and rational only
d) natural, whole, integer and rational

Which number is a rational number, but NOT an integer?
a) -6/3
b) -15/5
c) 10/8
d) 90/10

Which expression is equivalent to 2 + (10 x 2) + 5?
a) (8 + 1)/9
b) 7 x (6 - 4) + 15
c) (8 + 1) x 3
d) (2 x 8) + (5 x 6)

Which statement is always true?
a) An integer is a whole number.
b) A rational number is a natural number.
c) A whole number is a natural number.
d) An integer is a rational number.

Which number is NOT a rational number?
a) -17.50
b) -15
c) 20/3
d) square root of 7

The amount of vanilla that Pete used for a recipe can be written as a whole number. Which could be the amount of vanilla that Pete used?
a) -3.25 tsp
b) 3.5 tsp
c) 5 1/2 tsp
d) 20/5 tsp

Which is true about rational numbers?
a) A fraction is also a whole number.
b) Zero is not a rational number.
c) All rational numbers are also integers.
d) All integers are rational numbers.

Which of the following fractions is equivalent to a repeating decimal?
a) 3/5
b) 5/8
c) 1/3
d) 1/4

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