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What were the major differences between the homes of the Hopi and the homes of the Pawnee?
a) Hopi lived in igloos and the Pawnee lived in pueblos
b) no differences
c) Hopi lived in large homes of cedar and Pawnee lived in long houses.
d) Hopi lived in pueblos and Pawnee built dome shaped houses.

Tepees were used by the_____ tribe when they hunted buffalo.
a) Nez Perce
b) Seminole
c) Inuit
d) Pawnee

The Kwakiutl used bark for _____________.
a) homes
b) clothes
c) spears
d) food

The inuit mostly ate _______, _________,and _________.
a) caribou, seal, and whale
b) squirrel, rabbit, turkey
c) deer, duck, turkey
d) caribou, duck, chicken

What did the Seminole use as shelter?
a) igloos
b) chickees
c) teepeees
d) plank houses

What did the Pawnee use as shelter?
a) teepees
b) plank houses
c) chickees
d) earth and plant materials

What did the Hopi use as shelter?
a) pueblos
b) igloos
c) teepees
d) chickees

What did the Inuit use as shelter?
a) igloos
b) plank houses
c) tepees
d) chickees

What did the Kwakiutl use as shelter?
a) plank houses
b) chickees
c) tepees
d) igloos

What did the Nez Perce use as shelter?
a) chickees
b) igloos
c) pueblos
d) teepees

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