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A popular sport that many Americans followed in the 1920s was
a) soccer
b) football
c) baseball
d) alien attacking

In the early 1920s, movies were
a) technicolor
b) silent
c) always about aliens
d) made by the government

The most common device for entertainment in 1920s homes was the
a) television
b) computer
c) alien channel
d) radio

People generally supported and obeyed the 18th Amendment
a) true
b) false

In the 1920s, organized crime got involved in
a) labor unions
b) supplying alcohol illegally
c) fighting alien invasions
d) Florida real estate deals

Speakeasies were
a) labor unions
b) immigrants who wanted to overthrow the goverment
c) aliens with no mouths
d) places to drink alcohol during Prohibition

Many improvements in working conditions declined in the 1920s, especially for
a) aliens
b) business owners
c) women and children
d) veterans

Labor unions tried to
a) take over the government
b) get better pay and better working conditions
c) use aliens
d) attack businesses

The Red Scare refers to the fear of
a) using too many machines
b) installment buying
c) communism
d) aliens running around in red capes

The US was concerned about immigration because people thought
a) immigrants were communicating with aliens
b) too many immigrants were attacking American establishments
c) immigrants would take jobs from Americans
d) immigrants would try to get too many consumer goods on installment loans

Rural means
a) country
b) county
c) city
d) alien planet

One of the reasons cities grew so large in area is because people could
a) walk to work
b) drive to work
c) work from home
d) use alien transportation

Urban means
a) country
b) county
c) city
d) alien planet

Many farmers had to
a) grow crops that the government told them to grow
b) sell their farms and move to cities
c) protect their crops from aliens trying to make crop circles
d) buy more land from dishonest real estate people and found it was under water

Because farmers were more efficient with their machines, they created a
a) gridlock on the roads
b) league against alien abduction
c) surplus of crops
d) way to make better ice cream

New inventions helped farmers by
a) allowing them to use machines to plant and harvest crops
b) increasing the size of farms
c) increasing the size of cows
d) helping them ward off aliens

The new kind of music that became popular in the 1920s was
a) rap
b) rock
c) jazz
d) alien accenting

A place that became popular with entertainment and the arts was
a) Washington, DC
b) Harlem
c) Miami
d) Alien Alley

Many popular entertainers were
a) deported
b) aliens
c) poor
d) African-American

One of the most popular items of clothing was a dress with fringes causing the women who wore them to be known as
a) flappers
b) aliens
c) hippies
d) talkies

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