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A United States law that was passed that allowed military supplies to be loaned, leased, or sold to any country that was vital to the defense of the United States.
a) Destroyers for Bases
b) Arsenal of Democracy
c) Lend Lease Act
d) Maginot Line

The United States policy of not acknowledging changes to countries' borders due to force and aggression.
a) Treaty of Locarno
b) Good Neighbor Policy
c) Stimson Doctrine
d) Monroe Doctrine

This Neutrality Act that prevented the United States from selling arms to any belligerent nation.
a) Neutrality Act of 1935
b) Neutrality Act of 1936
c) Neutrality Act of 1937
d) Neutrality Act of 1939

The United States policy where countries could buy war materials if they shipped the goods themselves.
a) Destroyers for Bases
b) Cash and Carry
c) Neutrality Act of 1944
d) U-Haul Treaty of 1937

The term used by FDR, describing the United States role in supplying the countries fighting the dictators in WWII with weapons.
a) The Dawes Plan
b) Operation Overlord
c) Arsenal of Democaracy
d) Cash and Carry

The largest and best organized group in the United States that tried to keep the United States out of WWII
a) America First Committee
b) Isolationist USA
c) Americans Against War
d) Mothers Against Violence (MAV)

A series of French fortifications along the border with Germany.
a) Schleiffen Plan
b) Dawes Plan
c) Maginot Line
d) Operation Overlord

An agreement where Great Britain signed over islands in Caribbean for US Ships.
a) Cash and carry
b) Locarno Treaty
c) Dawes Plan
d) Destroyers for Bases

This attempted to fix the German War Reparation issue. It helped in short term, but gave a lot of foreign influence into German economy.
a) Treaty of Locarno
b) Dawes Plan
c) Cash and Carry
d) Neutrality Acts

The US Law allowed for the cash and carry of war goods and repealed earlier Neutrality Acts.
a) Neutrality Act of 1935
b) Neutrality Act of 1936
c) Neutrality Act of 1937
d) Neutrality Act of 1939

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