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Who is God
a) Unknowable
b) All-knowing
c) Omniscient
d) Merciful

Name of Leader
a) Bab
b) Bahulla
c) Baha’u’llah
d) Babullah

Man's Nature
a) Sinful
b) Good
c) Bad
d) Spiritual

What to do to be saved
a) Worship Sun
b) Gatherings
c) Go to Church
d) Be good

Who is the Bahá’u’lláh
a) Osama Bin Ladin
b) Mirza Husayn Ali
c) Tzun' tsu
d) Sareen Hudan

Places of worship
a) Temple
b) Church
c) Cathedral
d) Anywhere

Perfect Number
a) Five
b) Six
c) Seven
d) Nine

a) Reproduce
b) Grow
c) Live
d) There is no purpose

How to get in
a) Ask
b) Devotional gatherings
c) Pray
d) Community Service

Do they believe in God
a) Yes
b) No
c) Maybe So
d) I don't Know

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