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Texas obtains all of the following economic resources from the Gulf Coast region EXCEPT-
a) Gold
b) Shellfish
c) Crude Oil
d) Natural Gas

East Texas is important to the state's economy because it is-
a) The only place in the state where there is enough water to raise cattle.
b) The only place in the state where natural gas is drilled
c) Where most of the state's timber processing takes place
d) Where the majority of the state's hydroelectric energy is produced.

What is ONE way the Rio Grande river affected the development of Texas?
a) It serves as a transportation route between East Texas and northern Mexico
b) It creates a natural boundary between Texas and Mexico
c) It provides the only source of water for West Texas and Northern Mexico
d) It supplies a wealth of raw materials for Texas and Mexico

How did the Rio Grande affect the political development of Texas
a) The Spanish and French fought for control over the river
b) The river became and international border between the United States and Mexico
c) The river was impossible to cross so few settlers from Mexico came to America.
d) The floods from the river created rich soil used by both Mexico and the United States.

How do the economies of the Rio Grande Valley and Big Bend National Park DIFFER?
a) The Rio Grande Valley depends on mining: whereas, Big Bend National Park depends on cattle ranching.
b) The Rio Grande Valley depends on banking; whereas, Big Bend National Park depends on tourism.
c) The Rio Grande Valley depends on agriculture; whereas, Big Bend National Park depends on tourism.
d) The Rio Grande Valley depends on technology; whereas, Big Bend National Park depends on tourism.

What do the Piney Woods and Gulf Coast Plains regions of Texas have in common?
a) Both lack significant sources of fresh water.
b) Both contain the two largest cities
c) Both have large oil reserves.
d) Both have a thriving timber industry.

What do the Great Plains and the Gulf Coastal Plains regions have in COMMON?
a) Both lack significant water resources
b) Both have a thriving forestry industry
c) Both have flat land
d) Both have high humidity

How is the amount of precipitation in East Texas different from the amount in West Texas?
a) East Texas gets more rain than West Texas.
b) West Texas gets more rain than East Texas.
c) East Texas gets approximately 25 cm or less precipitation per year.
d) West Texas get more than 75cm of precipitation per year.

What is TRUE about the elevation of Texas?
a) If you travel from east to west, it gets higher.
b) If you travel from east to west it gets lower.
c) If you travel from east to west it goes from low to high back to low again.
d) None of the above is true.

Which of these region's physical features attracted Germans settlers to Texas during the early 1800s?
a) Hill Country
b) Gulf Coast
c) Piney Woods
d) High Plains

All of the following are adaptations made by Texas to their environment EXCEPT-
a) Dams and brides
b) Irrigation ditches
c) Terraced farming
d) Drilling and resources

Which of the following is an adaptation made by Texans to their environment?
a) Escarpment
b) Dam
c) Forest
d) Plateau

People in West Texas modified which historic innovation to adapt to their environment?
a) Dams
b) Dykes
c) Bogs
d) Windmills

Which of the following would most likely copy Texas' success in generating power with wind turbines?
a) States or countries with many lakes and rivers.
b) States or countries with dense forest
c) States or countries with high mountain ridges
d) States or countries with large areas of plains and prairies

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