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The term scalawag refers to a small and useless animal. What types of people were described as scalawags during the Reconstruction Era?
a) Northern citizens who moved south to take advantage of the disorder and destruction.
b) Southern Republicans who were sympathetic to the Northern politicians in the South.
c) Newly freed slaves who were competing for jobs with the poor, white population.
d) Veterans of the Civil War who refused to return to civilian life in the South.

Which of the following best describes the problem of Sharecropping for African Americans?
a) Many African Americans did not know how to farm
b) They were forced into debt and could not leave until the debt was paid off
c) Landowners did not want African Americans to rent their land
d) A severe drought killed most of their crops

All of the following resulted from the end of Reconstruction EXCEPT:
a) Blacks continued to enjoy increased freedoms and equality
b) Ku Klux Klan is founded
c) Jim Crow laws were passed to segregate blacks from whites and place other limits on their rights
d) Sharecropping becomes the dominant economy in the South

Sharecropping allowed African Americans to be socially independent, but kept them dependent in what way on the plantation owner?
a) Economically
b) Emotionally
c) Physically
d) Politically

How did Reconstruction impact the southern elite?
a) their status changed, and they were no longer elite
b) they regained political control at the end of Reconstruction
c) the became more wealthy because they didn't have to pay taxes for schools
d) they were forced to find other ways to work their land with the loss of slaves

How did Reconstruction impact African Americans and poor white Southerners economically?
a) Both groups were no longer in poverty
b) both groups were able to buy land and grow crops
c) both groups were dependent upon landowners for land and credit
d) both groups had total control over crops and money and other groups were jealous.

Which of the following was NOT a result of the Compromise of 1877?
a) the end of Reconstruction.
b) removal of all federal troops from the South.
c) African Americans were abandoned by the federal government.
d) African Americans were given full rights by the Federal Government.

Who were the poor white southerners that worked to support the government during Reconstruction?
a) Confederates
b) Sherman's Army
c) Southern Elite
d) Scalawags

Which of the following was an Economical Effect of Reconstruction?
a) feudalism
b) Freedman’s Bureau
c) sharecropping
d) segregation

After Reconstruction, blacks were not allowed to sit in the same areas at the theater as whites. They had to sit in the back part of the theater, while whites sat at the front of the theater. This is an example of:
a) desegregation
b) integration
c) segregation
d) reconstruction

What did the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution do?
a) a) It abolished slavery
b) b) It made blacks citizens
c) c) It gave blacks the right to voted
d) d) It gave blacks the right to own proper

Many Southerners felt that carpetbaggers were people who moved from the North to ______________.
a) help promote Johnson’s Reconstruction plan.
b) build schools and churches with the Freedman’s Bureau.
c) economically take advantage of Southerners devastated by the war.
d) join the KKK and promote the Black Codes.

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