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This occurs when blood has clotted in tissue spaces under the skin.
a) Erythema
b) Jaundice
c) Bruise
d) Cyanotic

This is pink due to underlying capillaries
a) Free edge
b) Nail body
c) Lunula
d) Cuticle

These glands become active at puberty.
a) Apocrine glands
b) Ceruminous glands
c) Eccrine glands
d) None of these

These glands produce a waxy substance.
a) Sudoriferous glands
b) Sebaceous glands
c) Apocrine glands
d) Ceruminous glands

With this type of burn, blisters occur.
a) First-degree
b) Second-degree burn
c) Third-degree
d) Fourth-degree

Oil glands
a) Sebaceous glands
b) Sudoriferous glands
c) Ceruminous glands
d) None of these

This form of skin cancer rarely metastasize.
a) basal cell carcinoma
b) squamous cell carcinoma
c) malignant melanoma
d) all of these are correct

The yellowish color to skin and whites of eyes due to the buildup of yellow bilirubin in blood from liver disease
a) Cyanotic
b) Erythema
c) Jaundice
d) Bruises

Skin color is due to this pigment
a) melanin
b) hemoglobin
c) carotene
d) all of these

This is the deepest layer of the dermis and may contain hair follicles and glands.
a) Reticular region
b) Stratum lucidum
c) Papillary layer
d) Epidermal ridges

Visceral pleura covers:
a) the thoracic cavity.
b) the abdominal cavity.
c) the intestines.
d) the lungs.

This is the deepest layer of the epidermis.
a) Stratum spinosum
b) Stratum basale
c) Stratum granulosum
d) Stratum corneum

These line cavities that open to the outside.
a) Cutaneous membrane
b) Serous membranes
c) Mucous membranes
d) Synovial membranes

Which skin cell helps to protect the skin and underlying tissue and provides waterproof sealant.
a) Keratinocytes
b) Melanocytes
c) Langerhans cells
d) Meissner’s corpuscles

Function of the Skin
a) Maintain a constant body temperature
b) Provide sensory information about the surrounding environment
c) Guard the body’s physical and biochemical integrity
d) All of these

These membranes line joint capsules secretes a fluid
a) Cutaneous membrane
b) Synovial membranes
c) Serous membranes
d) Mucous membranes

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