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Mrs. Santos' favorite color
a) Dark purple
b) Pink
c) Teal
d) Black

Isaiah knows in alphabetical order
a) Classmates' names
b) State capitals
c) all the countries in the world
d) The 50 states

A wild, uncultivated region with few people
a) Wilderness
b) Plain
c) Plateau
d) Desert

A person who makes a study of living things
a) Biologist
b) Naturalist
c) Studier-of-lifer
d) Life-studier

Mrs. Santos' favorite animal
a) Dog
b) Cat
c) Killer whale!
d) Skunk

Any line, surface, land that goes down at an angle
a) Slopes
b) Hills
c) Mountains
d) Cliffs

Able to have a strong effect on the mind; to influence deeply
a) Draw
b) Persuade
c) Impressive
d) Aid

A great mass of ice moving very slowly
a) Glacier
b) Ice cube
c) Snow
d) Snowball

A set of related living things that share characteristics
a) Twins
b) Species
c) Siblings
d) Alike

To keep from harm or change; protect; keep safe
a) Alarm
b) Hinder
c) Protect
d) Preserve

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