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________________ believe that learning can occur by thinking about situations or by observing others.
a) Humanists
b) Cognitive Psychologists
c) Behaviorists
d) None of the answers

______________ interested in what they can observe and measure.
a) Cogitive psychologists
b) Behaviorists
c) Humanists
d) None of the answers

__________________is signficant because it showed opened the door to look at the cognitive (mental) aspect of learning.
a) operant conditioning
b) observational learning
c) latent learning
d) none of the answers

People watch others when visiting a foreign place. This is because of...
a) Classical Conditioning
b) Operant Conditioning
c) Observational Learning
d) None of the answers

_________________showed that individuals learn by watching others.
a) Bandura
b) Tolman
c) Watson
d) None of the answers

Latent learning was created by______________.
a) Skinner
b) Freud
c) Tolman
d) None of the answers

Banudra’s theory caused a rating system for entertainment because...
a) Parent concerns
b) Children learn by watching others
c) Children learn by reinforcement
d) None of the answers

Who created observational learning?
a) Bandura
b) Skinner
c) Watson
d) None of the answers

__________________is learning that appears not to have been retained at the time of conditioning but it is displayed at a later time.
a) operant conditioning
b) latent learning
c) classical conditioning
d) None of the answers

People wearing skinny jeans today is a fad. Which theory describes provides a reason for this trend?
a) Behavorism
b) Observational Learning
c) Humanism
d) None of the answers

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