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The Grand Canal was built to link what two rivers in China?
a) somme and Tiber
b) Mississippi and Missouri
c) Huang He and Chang Jiang
d) Tigris and Euphrates

This dynasty was a time of economic prosperity and cultural achievement
a) Zhou
b) Song
c) Xia
d) Han

During the Song Dyansty their rulers were forced to move the imperial court south due to __________
a) northern invaders
b) floods
c) famine
d) crop failure

A great Chinese invention between the Sui and the Song Dynasty
a) water mills
b) iron
c) gun powder
d) silk

The Italian merchant who visited the Chinese and brought back Chinese goods to Europe
a) Marco Polo
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Genghis Khan
d) Fransisco Medici

He was elected ruler of the Mongols in 1206
a) Qin Shihuandi
b) Liu Bang
c) Temujin
d) Kubla Khan

The largest land empire in history
a) Alexander the Great's Empire
b) Mongolian Empire
c) Roman Empire
d) Persian Empire

Gunpowder was introduced to the Europeans in the ________________century
a) 14th
b) 17th
c) 18th
d) 12th

The reason why the Mongols attacked the Persian Empire
a) Genghis Khan wanted revenge for the death of his blood brother
b) The Sultan of Persia decapitated Genghis Khan's ambassador and sent it to him in a box
c) The Persian army first invaded the Mongolian Empire
d) Genghis Kahn was hoping to find gold in Persia

The decline of the Mongolian Dynasty was mainly due to
a) spending too much on foreign conquest, corruption and growing internal instability
b) Drought and famine
c) Invaders from the north
d) European invaders

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