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The Declaration of Independence, which states that the US was declaring their freedom from British rule was signed on what date?
a) July 4th 1996
b) July 4th 1776
c) December 7th 1941
d) August 22, 1964

John Locke's 2nd Treatise of Government talked about which of these concepts...
a) Freedom is a natural state for men
b) Governments serve at the will of those they govern
c) People have a right, even a duty, to revolt against an oppressive government
d) All of These

In the Preamble...Establish the most important to...?
a) Those in a minority of opinion or by group
b) Poor people who don't have much, if any, power in society up to this point
c) Both of these
d) None of These

In the Preamble...Promote the General Welfare...means
a) Create laws and policy that benefit ALL citizens
b) Provide resources to groups of people that the government thinks needs them
c) To develop a plan for military officers to rise up through the ranks
d) None of these

In the Preamble...and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and Posterity do ordain this Constitution for the United States of Americ...means?
a) The Constitution protects the right to life
b) The Constitution protects the right to liberty
c) The Constitution protects the right to the pursuit of happiness
d) All of these

The concept of democracy...Individual Freedom... means
a) Each person has a right to freedom
b) Outlines the specific freedoms that the individual has
c) None of These
d) Both of These

The democratic concept of Worth of the Individual means?
a) You are a Special Snowflake
b) All Individuals are equally important under the law
c) Every one has a right to a say in how they are governed
d) All of These

The concept that your rights are not absolute and only go to a point that they dont violate another person's rights is?
a) Status Quo
b) Necessity of Compromise
c) Common Sense
d) None of These

Which of thes are NOT part of one of the concepts of democracy?
a) Majority Rules
b) Minority Rights
c) Mob Rule
d) All of These

In the Preamble... Insure Domestic Tranquility...means
a) To set up quiet places like parks and libraries
b) To maintain public order inside the country
c) To keep the world safe
d) None of these

In the Preamble...Provide for the Common Defense...means
a) Maintain a military to protect all citizens from foreign powers
b) To provide defense attorneys for those who cant afford them
c) Write down an argument defending the US claiming independence from Britain.
d) None of these

Which of the following is NOT something the Magna Carta did?
a) Established a body of people to make laws for England
b) Made the written law more important than the King's orders
c) Became part of a foundation of laws on which the US Constitution expanded
d) Claimed North American territory for England

The concept of democracy...Equality of all persons... means
a) All people should have equal rights before the law
b) All people should have equal voting power
c) Both of these
d) None of these

In the Preamble...In order to form a more perfect union... means...
a) The US constitution was perfect
b) The US Constitution could never be changed
c) The US Constitution joined the former colonies and offered a better form of government tha n England and other world powers
d) None of these

In the Preamble...We the people of the United States... means
a) That the government gets its power from the people it governs
b) That the people have unlimited rights
c) That only the people of the United States have rights
d) None of the above

Common Sense - Was written by...
a) Thomas Paine
b) George Washington
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Thomas Jefferson

Who Won the French and Indian War?
a) The French
b) The Indians
c) The British
d) The Americans

Where did the first battle of the Revolutionary War occur?
a) Bunker Hill
b) Lexington
c) Gettysburg
d) Waterloo

How many people were killed in the Boston Massacre?
a) 5
b) 55
c) 505
d) None

Which of the following is not one of the branches of government established by the constitution?
a) Executive
b) Judicial
c) Legislative
d) Diplomatic

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