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What Qin Shihuandi did to keep out northern invaders
a) Increased his army
b) Built the Great Wall
c) Set up land mines
d) Set up an alliance system with neighboring countries

Founder of the Han dynasty
a) Liu Bang
b) Qin Shihuandi
c) Xia
d) Zhou

He unified the Chinese states to create a new dynasty in 221 BC
a) Xia
b) Kubla Khan
c) Han
d) Qin Shihuandi

This empire chose their officials based on meritocracy as opposed to birth
a) Han Dynasty
b) Qin Dynasty
c) Mongolian Dynasty
d) Xia Dynasty

The cause of the collapse of the Han Dynasty was due to
a) Invaders
b) Corruption in the government and mistreatment of peasants
c) Poor military
d) drought and famine

The emperor who had an army of terra-cotta soldiers burried with him to help protect him in the afterlife
a) Temujin
b) Sui Yangdi
c) Qin Shihuandi
d) Marco Polo

During the Han Dynasty all of the following were improvements EXCEPT
a) Grand Canal
b) Textile manufacturing
c) Iron Casting
d) Water mills for grinding grain

During the Qin Dynasty they adopted this ideology
a) Legalism
b) Confucian principles
c) Taoism
d) Socratic Method

After the fall of the Han Dynasty China fell into 300 years of disorder and ___________
a) anarchy
b) corruption
c) Civil War
d) military invasions

During the Han Dynasty China adopted _________________ principles
a) Legalist
b) democratic
c) Buddhist
d) Confucian

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