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Which is a characteristic of a public good?
a) unrealistic to make citizens pay to use good
b) unrealistic to prohibit those who won't pay to use the good from actually using the good
c) Many citizens can utilize the good without decreasing the benefits of any one citizen
d) All of the answers

Services that are provided by the government to society as a whole are called...
a) Private goods
b) Capital goods
c) Medical goods
d) Public goods

Dams, roads, recreation centers are examples of...
a) Public goods
b) Private goods
c) Medical goods
d) None of the answers

______________________ can significantly increase the level of output of a nation by improving the human capital and efficiency of the workforce.
a) Medical assistance
b) Cash transfers
c) Education
d) In kind benefits

Provides medical coverage to those who are disabled or over 65 years of age is called...
a) Medicaid
b) Medicare
c) Medical assistance
d) None of the answers

Which of the folllowing is a cash transfer?
a) Social Security
b) Unemployment insurance
c) Worker's Compensation
d) All of the answers

Food stamps, free food, or low cost housing are examples of...
a) In Kind benefits
b) Cash transfers
c) Medicial assistance
d) None of the answers

What is the purpose of government programs?
a) help the poor
b) raise standard of living
c) offer assistance
d) All of the answers

Which of the following is a method the government aids people?
a) Medical benefits
b) In kind benefits
c) Cash transfers
d) All of the answers

Both state and federal governments provide cash directly to those individuals who are poor, disabled, or retired. This method is called...
a) In kind benefits
b) Medical benefits
c) Cash transfers
d) None of the answers

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