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to slide an object from one side of the page to the other you must use what tool
a) move tool
b) dodge tool
c) eraser tool
d) lasso tool

under what menu can you find Copy
a) edit
b) file
c) filter
d) image

what selection tool traces a line around the controur of a shape or object guided by you and the mouse
a) magic wand
b) quick selection tool
c) eraser
d) magnetic lasso tool

what must you do before you can paste an image
a) copy an image
b) telepathically comunicate with the computer
c) right click
d) paste it

To zoom in you can
a) press alt and scroll with your mouse
b) double click
c) use your fingers and pull out
d) stare at the screen

to select similar colored pixals or a defined shape you can use
a) move tool
b) quick selection tool
c) marqee tool
d) zoom tool

the free transform short cut is.....
a) ctrl T
b) ctrl v
c) ctrl p
d) ctrl alt z

The Free Transform tool....
a) scales an image larger
b) scales a image smaller
c) rotates a image
d) all of the above

To begin a new project in photoshop you must.....
a) file open
b) file and new
c) edit and paste
d) edit and copy

how can you undo something or a mistake you just made
a) edit and step back
b) edit free transform
c) edit step forward
d) edit and paste

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