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The drops of precipitation are smaller than 0.5 mm when it
a) mists or drizzles
b) hails
c) snows
d) rains

What is a water spout?
a) a hole in the ground with water spouting out
b) a water fall
c) A tornado that forms over water
d) a kitchen faucet

Layered balls of ice that form in strong thunderstorms are called?
a) freezing rain
b) snow
c) hail
d) rain

What is a squall line?
a) a thunderstorm which occurs during the night
b) a drum line
c) a warm front followed by a cold front
d) None of the above

What is the most powerful type of thunderstorm?
a) supercell
b) hurricane
c) tornado
d) cyclone

Which of the following is true?
a) The proper progression of a hurricane is tropical storm, depression, disturbance and hurricane
b) The proper progression of a hurricane is tropical disturbance, storm, hurricane, and depression
c) The proper progression of a hurricane is tropical derpression, storm, disturbance and hurricane
d) The proper progression of a hurricane is tropical disturbance, derpression, storm, and hurricane

A hurricane is accompanied by a storm surge. True or false?
a) True
b) False

A storm becomes a hurrican when the sustained winds reach at least 150 miles per hour. True or False?
a) True
b) False, they must reach 55 miles per hour.
c) False, they must reach 100 miles per hour.
d) False, they must reach 74 miles per hour.

What is a radar used for?
a) Used to connect to cable TV.
b) Used to measure atmospheric pressure.
c) Used to detect distant objects or precipitation and measure its distance by radio waves.
d) Used to determine the amount of of water vapor in the air.

What is relative humidity?
a) The amount of moisture in the air.
b) The ratio of water vapor in the air to the maximum amount that the air can hold.
c) The amount that people will sweat during the summer.
d) None of the above.

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