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If you are described by this adjective, you are a person who takes great care in what you do, down to the smallest details.
a) esoteric
b) scrupulous
c) officious
d) nepotistic

This word describes tissue that is decaying or deteriorating
a) eulogy
b) dormant
c) morbid
d) atrophy

This word is completely out in the open.
a) overt
b) covert
c) scrupulous
d) analogous

You can't stand it. You avoid it. You stay away at all costs. You have an__________________to it.
a) squabble
b) aversion
c) atrophy
d) eulogy

This word sounds like the sound it's describing...
a) overt
b) invective
c) esoteric
d) onomatopoeia

This kind of behavior isn't helpful at all and we wish you would just stop. It's too annoying.
a) elusive
b) obtrusive
c) officious
d) scrupulous

Of course I say what I mean, except when I don't really mean it. Do you know what I mean?
a) maim
b) equivocate
c) assimilate
d) meander

He was a wonderful man. He took good care of his family and he always had time for his friends. He will be missed.
a) esoteric
b) nepotism
c) eulogy
d) nostalgia

When you just want to look at the cars, some salesman will come along and won't leave you alone. He just gets pushier and pushier, because he is too______________________________.
a) officious
b) overt
c) obtrusive
d) meticulous

It is difficult to find many Romani speakers in the Deep South. In fact, in most places, that language is considered to be a bit______________________________________.
a) obtrusive
b) esoteric
c) intrusive
d) crass

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