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African Americans who moved west to Kansas, Missouri, Indians, and Illinois after Reconstruction were konw as
a) immigrants
b) slaves
c) Exodusters
d) sodbusters

Cattle drives came to an end by the late 1880s. The main reason was
a) diffculty between the ranchers and farmers
b) demand for beef went down.
c) cows were grazing on farms in the east again
d) Native Americans began selling cattle for a lower price.

Conflict: US Government wanted the Native American land; relocated the Native Americans, pushed them off their land and put them in reservations. The US Government also wanted the minerals in some places that Native Americans lived. → US Government a
a) True
b) False
c) I dont know
d) none of these

Cooperation: The ranchers owned the cattle and worked with the cowboys to get the cattle moved north and east so they could sell them. The Cattle Drive. → Ranchers and Cowboys
a) True
b) False
c) I dont Know
d) None of the Above

Conflict: Mexican Americans were discriminated against and pushed off their land by the US Government.
a) Ranchers and Cowboys
b) US Government and Mexican Americans
c) US Government and Native Americans
d) US Government and European Immigrant settlers

How were some immigrant groups discriminated against?
a) They were given poor soil.
b) They were sent to reservations.
c) They were treated as well as everyone.
d) They were paid less for the same work as white workers

Which group was kicked off their land in the West?
a) Mexicans
b) farmers
c) cowboys
d) ranchers

What problems developed between ranchers and farmers?
a) Both wanted to make money.
b) Farmers wanted to raise cattle and graze in their pastures
c) Ranchers drove herds through farm fields to get cattle to the railroads.
d) Both wanted to own huge pieces of land to make their businesses grow

Why were so many African-Americans eager to move onto Great Plains?
a) European immigrants forced them from their home in the East.
b) They wanted to hunt buffalo
c) They were seeking religious freedom
d) Many had hopes of owning their own land.

The name given to people living in the Great plains during the Homestead Act were called
a) sodbusters
b) Exodusters
c) Homesteaders
d) Great Plainers

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