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When Comforting the Poor
a) be present and listen.
b) take Scripture and show God's goodness
c) make food

The ______________ Works of Mercy are a model to follow to treat people like they were ____________ in disguise.
a) Feed the Hungry, God
b) Corporal, Jesus
c) Spiritual, love
d) All of these answers.

The ____________ Works of Mercy deal with the physical state of the body.
a) Physical
b) Hunger
c) Spiritual
d) Corporal

Working at Tent City falls under what Mercy?
a) Give Drink To The Thirsty
b) Feed The Hungry
c) Spiritual Works of Mercy
d) Shelter the Homeless

People in prison are
a) created in the image and likeness of God
b) deserve the punishment they receive
c) cannot be forgiven until they apologize for their wrongs
d) None of these answers

The Eucharist, Last Supper is under the
a) Feed the Hungry
b) Comfort the sick
c) Bury the Dead
d) Shelter the Homeless

What must be removed to Counsel the Doubtful?
a) shame
b) ignorance
c) arrogance
d) faith

Judgement of a person, under Advise the Sinner, is based upon
a) deciding who who goes to Heaven or Hell
b) who is living away from God
c) who has no faith
d) looking at the actions of the person and trying to lead them back to God

Forgive us our trespasses means
a) our sins
b) our mistakes
c) our intentions
d) all of these answers

Helping a caregiver is under what Mercy?
a) Visit the Prisoners
b) Bury the Dead
c) Visit the Sick
d) None of the answers

Skipping a run to McDonald's can be one way to
a) bury the dead
b) Spiritual Works of Mercy
c) Feed the hungry
d) give alms to the poor

The rich man who walked away from Jesus is an example of
a) Instructing the one who lacks knowledge
b) counsel the doubtful
c) feed the hungry
d) give drink to the thirsty

There are ______ Works of Mercy.
a) 14
b) 15
c) 7
d) 5

It is not our place to judge a person's place in eternity is under what Mercy?
a) Comforting the imprison
b) advise the sinner
c) feed the hungry
d) comfort the sorrowful

To forgive is for
a) the offender's sake
b) the person's peace
c) to forgive and forget
d) all of these answers

The Spiritual Works of Mercy deal with the _______ of the person
a) physicality
b) thirst
c) soul
d) eternity

When Jesus comes back the work will be judged upon _____ mercies.
a) 14
b) 5
c) 7
d) 2

An example of Forgiving Injuries is found in
a) Jesus dying on the Cross
b) the man on the Cross next to Jesus
c) Jesus healing the woman's daughter
d) All of these

Helping the people in Flint, Mi with their water crisis falls under what Work of Mercy?
a) Physical drinking
b) Corporal Works
c) Shelter the Homeless
d) None of these answers

Matt 25:31-46 explains _____________________ to a person in need.
a) feed, clothe, love, forgive
b) love, forgive, explain, uplift
c) feed, clothe, drink, compassion, shelter
d) all of these answers

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