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The Dust Bowl was caused by
a) Hurricane
b) Drought
c) Flood
d) Earthquake

Buying on margin is
a) Buying things even if you don't have the money
b) Paying cash for the whole amount
c) Borrowing from friends
d) Buying imports

The Bonus army wanted what from the government
a) Stock
b) Jobs
c) Wars to fight in
d) Money

How did the TVA help people
a) Restore hope to poor areas
b) Provided Jobs
c) All of these
d) Made damns

A tariff is a tax on
a) Food
b) Imports
c) Clothes
d) Rich people

What did Hoover believe about handouts
a) Giving away money would destroy peoples motivation to work
b) It was the federal governments dty to help the poor
c) There were no poor people
d) -

Some people tried to survive the Great Depression by
a) Killing those that they thought were responsible
b) Stealing cars
c) Selling Apples
d) -

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president when the Depression started
a) True
b) False
c) -
d) -

African Americans protested being laid off by boycotting
a) True
b) False
c) -
d) -

What was causing the price of stocks to fall
a) People were buying lots of stock
b) People were selling lots of stock
c) People were not aware of the stock market
d) People did not believe in the stock market

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