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How does Earth’s atmosphere make life on this planet possible?
a) It provides everything needed for living things to survive.
b) It provides air and protects us from oxygen and sunlight.
c) It provides air and protects us from the Sun’s harmful rays.
d) It provides precipitation in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

What is the atmosphere made of?
a) mostly oxygen and carbon dioxide, with smaller amounts of other gases
b) mostly nitrogen and oxygen, with smaller amounts of other gases
c) an equal mix of different types of gasses
d) argon, carbon dioxide, and helium

Gravity pulls a blanket of gas molecules down toward Earth, creating high _________ near the surface.
a) ozone
b) greenhouse effects
c) solar radiation
d) air pressure

Which statement about layers of the atmosphere is not true?
a) The troposphere is higher above Earth’s surface than the exosphere.
b) The stratosphere is higher above Earth’s surface than the troposphere.
c) Weather happens in the troposphere.
d) The stratosphere protects Earth from ultraviolet rays.

What do wind and the water cycle have in common?
a) They both only happen in the atmosphere.
b) They both only happen on Earth’s surface.
c) They both depend on heating and cooling.
d) They both depend on freezing and melting.

What would most likely happen if Earth’s atmosphere did not act like a greenhouse?
a) The heat Earth receives from the Sun would be lost into space, and Earth would get much colder.
b) The heat Earth receives from the Sun would be trapped near the surface, and Earth would get much hotter.
c) Some places on Earth would get colder, and other places would get hotter.
d) Nothing would be different than it is now.

If Spain almost always has clear, hot summers and cloudy, cold winters, which statement is most likely true?
a) Spain is in a tropical climate zone.
b) Spain is in a temperate climate zone.
c) Spain has a tropical climate in summer and a polar climate in winter.
d) Spain’s weather includes hot and cold climates.

Today’s lunch is related to your overall diet in the same way that today’s weather is related to _________.
a) precipitation
b) the atmosphere
c) climate
d) the water cycle

Which effect does NOT seem to be caused by global warming?
a) Many glaciers have partly or completely melted.
b) Some areas that used to have good soil for farming no longer do.
c) More strong storms have occurred in recent years.
d) More ice is forming in polar zones.

Which climate is identified by a small amount of precipitation?
a) rainforest
b) temperate forest
c) humid subtropical
d) arid desert

Burning fuels such as coal and oil gives off ____________________ and increases the amount of heat that the atmosphere traps. These changes may help explain what is causing global warming.
a) molecules
b) gases
c) heat
d) carbon dioxide

Which of the following statements is TRUE?
a) Solar radiation does NOT get trapped in the atmosphere as part of the greenhouse effect.
b) Some heat is trapped in Earth's atmosphere, and some heat escapes into space.
c) The Sun heats Earth, and Earth heats the Sun.
d) all of the above

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