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Unemployed WWI Vets
a) Migrant worker
b) Hoovervilles
c) Bonus Army
d) Fireside Chats

A share of ownership in a company
a) Depression
b) Tenant
c) Profit
d) Stock

Community of homeless people
a) Hoovervilles
b) Tariff
c) Fireside chats
d) Great depression

Money gained after expenses are paid
a) Black Tuesday
b) Tariff
c) Profit
d) Stock

October 29, 1929
a) Black Tuesday
b) Depression
c) Dust Bowl
d) Bonus Army

People who moved from place to place for work
a) Bonus Army
b) Tariff
c) Tenant
d) Migrant

Tax on goods
a) Tenant
b) Tariff
c) Profit
d) Depression

Way that FDR talked to the people
a) Boycotting
b) Imports
c) Fireside Chats
d) Black Tuesday

Long economic downtime
a) Black Tuesday
b) Depression
c) Drought
d) Federal government

Farmers that paid landowners for use of land
a) Tariff
b) Depression
c) Migrant
d) Tenant

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