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The author explains the purpose for his or her book in the
a) table of contents
b) preface
c) index
d) glossary

As the nation's first president, George Washington
a) set many precedents that other presidents would follow
b) lived like a king and left the presidency a disgrace
c) ignored presidential duties as outlined in the Constitution
d) was nicknamed Father of the Country because of his many children

The national ---- was named after the first president of the United States
a) monument
b) census
c) capital
d) capitol

In 1790, the first census counted America's citizens to determine the number of
a) white males who worked on farms
b) each state's representatives in the House of Representatives
c) each state's representatives in the Senate
d) citizens who needed government sertvices

___ was the secretary of the treasury, a conservative on whose ideals the Federalist Party was founded.
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) John Adams
c) George Washington
d) Alexander Hamilton

George Washington chose the site for the national capital from a ten-mile square area of land donated by ____ and ____
a) Maryland and Virginia
b) Maryland and New Jersey
c) New Jersey and Virginia
d) Pennsylvania and Virginia

Which of the following does NOT decribe Benjamin Banneker
a) free African American
b) mathematician who studied the stars
c) made the calculations for the survey of the national capital
d) enslaved African American

What early political party supported the political principles of Thomas Jefferson, who believed that ordinary citizens with proper education could goven themselves?
a) Democratic
b) Republican
c) Federalist
d) Democratic-Republican

____ is an economic system based on individual or company ownership of goods and services in a competitive market
a) Capitalism
b) Socialistm
c) Communism
d) Democracy

Which of the following does NOT describe the Constitution of the United States?
a) supreme law of the land
b) establishes the government
c) protects the people
d) sets up political parties

A speculator makes money by buying
a) land for his family to farm
b) at a low price and selling later at a higher price
c) at a high price and selling later at a lower price
d) at a low price to cut taxes

The president is head of what branch of the government?
a) executive
b) legislative
c) judicial
d) republican

The Federalist Party was founded on the political principles of Alexander Hamilton and supported
a) a weak federal government
b) a strong federal government
c) states' rights
d) the equality of power between the states and the federal government

In our democracy, who holds the ultimate power?
a) president of the United Statres
b) chief justice of Supreme Court
c) king and the royal family
d) people of the United Statse

Political Parties want to control the government by
a) amending the Constitution
b) winning elections and holding public office
c) entertaining the voters
d) changing the Bill of Rights

Demand and competition set the prices and supplies of goods in a ____ economy
a) closed market
b) free market
c) collateral market
d) credit market

Who was the first president to live in the President's House?
a) George Washington
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Benjamin Fanklin

The president appoints top-level advisers to serve in his
a) cabinet as the heads of government departments
b) political party as the heads of the government departments
c) cabinet as government legislators
d) political party as government legislators

What is the Bill of Rights?
a) The last ten amendments to the Constitution that protect fundamental rights and freeoms
b) The first ten amendments to the Constitution that freed the slaves
c) The last ten amendments to the Constitution that freed the slaves
d) The first ten amendments to the Constitution that protect the people's fundamental rights and freedoms

Who designed the new nation's capital with a center mall and rectangular city blocks?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Pierre Charles L'Enfant
c) Benjamin Banneker
d) George Washington

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