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What was the time after the War of 1812 when the country was prospering and political rivalry had seemed to fade away known as?
a) the Era of Good Feelings
b) the Time of Happiness
c) the Age of Jackson
d) the Monroe Doctrine

What was a continuous waterway that linked the Great Lakes with New York harbor on the east coast?
a) the Panama Canal
b) the Erie Canal
c) the Jackson Canal
d) the New York Canal

What did Robert Fulton launch that greatly reduced travel time on rivers?
a) the locomotive
b) the telegraph
c) the steamboat
d) the triangular sail ship

In 1806 what road was financed by Congress for western travel?
a) the Cumberland Road
b) the National Road
c) the Western Road
d) the American Road

The rise of industry and an increase in agricultural production encouraged improvements in transportation because people wanted cheap, speedy transportation to get raw materials to factories and goods to market.

What were private roads built between 1800 and 1830 by several companies called?
a) railroads
b) canals
c) turnpikes
d) cumberlands

What was the 19th century American belief that the United States was destined to spread across the continent?
a) Divine Fate
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Westward Expansion
d) American Exceptionalism

Which of the following was NOT a reason why Americans moved to the frontier?
a) many wanted a chance to own land with rich soil
b) some sought new economic opportunities
c) some wanted jobs in factories and industry
d) some wanted to start a new life

What was a positive change brought by the Industrial Revolution?
a) cheaper products
b) more available products
c) more jobs for the people
d) all of these

What was a negative change brought by Industrial Revolution to American society?
a) terrible working conditions in factories
b) cheaper land for the people
c) lower paying jobs for most of the people
d) all of these

Why did cities begin to grow quickly during the early 1800s?
a) because factories were located in cities
b) because land and housing was very cheap
c) because all of the fancy buildings were located in cities
d) all of these

What were organized groups that demanded higher wages and better conditions for factory workers?
a) Labor Squads
b) Labor Unions
c) Strike Breakers
d) Labor Leagues

Which of the following describes the working conditions in factories during the early Industrial Revolution?
a) long working hours
b) little pay
c) unsafe and unhealthy
d) all of these

Why did women and children make up a large percentage of workers in factories?
a) they could be paid less than men
b) they could work for longer hours during the day without getting tired
c) they were less absent than men
d) there were more women and children available to work than men

What is NOT a reason why the Northeast became the industrial center of the nation?
a) the region had many rivers for water power
b) many New Englanders invested their money in factories
c) there was plenty of cheap land available
d) all of these

Which of the following was NOT a new invention that helped to increase production during the Industrial Revolution?
a) cotton gin
b) steam engine
c) spinning jenny
d) nuclear power plant

In which country did the Industrial Revolution begin?
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) the United States
d) Germany

What replaced small shops during the Industrial Revolution?
a) large plantations
b) new machines and factories
c) a few highly skilled laborers
d) craft guilds and artisans

Which of the following was NOT one of the three main aspects of Henry Clay's American System?
a) Internal improvement such as roads, bridges, and canals.
b) Creation of a new national bank to create a more orderly money supply and help American businesses to grow.
c) Higher taxes on imported items to help American merchants sell more goods.
d) Forcing Native Americans off their native lands to make more room for white settlers.

What is sectionalism?
a) dividing the work up into sections of factories to produce more goods
b) a rivalry based on the special interests of different areas
c) when a military is broken up into different branches or sections
d) the different sections of a country that work together for a common goal

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