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This reinforcer increases behavior by taking something bad away. What type of reinforcer is being described?
a) Negative
b) Positive
c) Primary
d) Secondary

Nick received an certiificate for his good grades. This illustration of which type of reinforcer?
a) Negative
b) Positive
c) Secondary
d) Primary

________________________created operant conditioning
a) Waston
b) Pavlov
c) Skinner
d) Freud

Hayley was grounded for not cleaning her room. Which possible consequence is described here?
a) Positive
b) Negaitve
c) Punishment
d) None of the answers

______________conditioning Behavior that operates on the environment to produce rewarding or punishing stimuli.
a) Classical
b) Operant
c) Biological
d) Humanistic

Which of the following is NOT an example of a primary reinforcer?
a) Hunger
b) Sleep
c) Thirst
d) Encouragement

Praise is an example of a_________________reinforcer.
a) Secondary
b) Primary
c) Positive
d) Negative

Any event that strengthens – increases the frequency of - a preceding response is called_______________.
a) Reaction
b) Question
c) Reinforcers
d) None of the answers

Reinforcers can be____________________.
a) Tangible
b) Praise
c) Activity
d) All of the answers

Actions that are automatc responses to a stimulus are known as __________________conditioning.
a) Operant
b) Humanistic
c) Classical
d) None of the answers

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