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What type of energy is stored in a stretched elastic cord?
a) nuclear
b) potential
c) kinetic
d) chemical

What do scientists call the energy of motion?”
a) motorized energy
b) potential energy
c) chemical energy
d) kinetic energy

Where along the roller coaster track does the rider have the greatest amount of kinetic energy?
a) At the top of a hill
b) Going down a hill half way
c) At the bottom of a hill
d) at the top of a loop

What type of energy conversion is taking place inside a flashlight when it is on?
a) mechanical energy to light energy
b) chemical energy to light energy
c) chemical energy to mechanical energy
d) electromagnetic energy to chemical energy

What type of energy conversion occurs when logs burn in a campfire?
a) mechanical energy to nuclear energy
b) heat energy to mechanical energy
c) chemical energy to heat energy
d) electrical energy to chemical energy

Which of the following is an example of light energy being changed to chemical energy?
a) a solar panel that charges a battery
b) a flashlight with rechargeable batteries
c) a switch that flips up to turn on a light
d) food that is eaten to provide mechanical energy

How do humans most often sense light energy?
a) with our skin
b) with our eyes
c) with our ears
d) with our nose

How do humans most often sense heat energy?
a) with our eyes
b) with our skin
c) with our ears
d) with our nose

How do humans sense energy differently than wild animals like a wolf or deer?
a) some human senses are more highly developed, some are less.
b) humans sense the environment the same way that wild animals do.
c) wolves and deer have different senses than humans do.
d) humans are the only creatures that can sense the environment.

What type of energy is stored in a compressed spring in a click pen?
a) Nuclear
b) Potential
c) Kinetic
d) Chemical

You and a friend are trying to find who can jump the farthest from a swing. At what point do you have the most potential energy?
a) The highest point swinging backwards.
b) Half way through your swing forwards.
c) At the lowest point of the swing.
d) Half way through your swing upward.

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