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The resulting force when determining whether the forces are balanced or unbalanced
a) net force
b) super force
c) force field
d) sonic force

Forces that are NOT equal and allow objects to move
a) unbalanced forces
b) balanced forces
c) super forces
d) friction

Newton's first law is known as the Law of _______.
a) inertia
b) action/reaction
c) acceleration
d) speed

These type of forces will cause no change in the motion of an object
a) balanced forces
b) unbalanced forces
c) friction
d) gravity

Newton's 2nd Law is known as the law of ________.
a) acceleration
b) inertia
c) action/reaction
d) speed

The tendency of objects to resist any change in motion.
a) inertia
b) acceleration
c) speed
d) reaction

When a force acts on a mass
a) acceleration
b) inertia
c) reaction
d) force

Speed and direction in which an object is traveling
a) velocity
b) displacement
c) gravity
d) friction

The more mass and object has, the more _____ it has.
a) inertia
b) speed
c) force
d) motion

Newton's 2nd Law give the formula F=MA. What does the 'A' stand for?
a) acceleration
b) add
c) always
d) accreditation

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