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Which of the following is true about members of Georgia’s General Assembly?
a) No one can serve more than two terms.
b) Members only serve a two year term.
c) New members cannot be on more than one committee.
d) A member must be over 25 to serve in either house.

Most day to day decisions about laws in the General Assembly are
a) decided solely by the leadership with little input from any other members.
b) major news stories and are very distracting for legislators
c) discussed in smaller committees, rather than the entire assembly.
d) sent to the governor, so he is in the loop at all times.

How can the General Assembly pass a bill if it has been vetoed?
a) A joint committee can vote to pass the bill with a 2/3 majority.
b) The bill can be sent to the Georgia Supreme Court for a ruling.
c) Both houses can override the veto with a 2/3 majority.
d) They can get approval from 2/3 of the state’s counties.

How does the judicial branch attempt to fulfill its duty to ensure justice in our legal system?
a) by creating as many clear and fair laws as possible
b) by interpreting laws and allowing people to appeal their decisions
c) by arresting as many criminals as it can and getting them in prison quickly
d) by selecting fair and impartial judges at all levels of courts

Disputes between two or more individuals or groups in which there is not a violation of the law, is known as
a) criminal law
b) a misdemeanor
c) juvenile law
d) civil law

Why is it possible for the governor and lieutenant governor in Georgia to be political enemies, from different parties?
a) They do not run together, each office is listed separately on the ballot when they are elected.
b) The lieutenant governor is appointed by the General Assembly.
c) The governor is elected through popular vote and the lieutenant governor is elected by the county unit system.
d) They are elected in alternate cycles, not during the same election.

Why does the Georgia Supreme Court rarely overturn a law passed by the General Assembly?
a) Laws are typically not enforced by the Executive branch.
b) The Georgia Supreme Court cannot overturn laws.
c) The General Assembly works to make sure the laws they write are specific and aligned with the constitution.
d) The General Assembly chooses the judges that will sit on the Georgia Supreme Court.

Leaders of education, public safety, and transportation agencies fall under which branch of Georgia’s government?
a) Legislative
b) Judicial
c) Executive
d) General Assembly

Which statement is correct regarding how judges are selected in Georgia?
a) Most Georgia judges are elected through non-partisan elections.
b) Only Supreme Court judges are elected in Georgia, all other are appointed.
c) Only a few judges in Georgia are elected while the rest are appointed by the governor.
d) rial court judges are elected while appellate court judges are appointed.

Sally finds out that Jasmine’s dog has been entering her yard and digging up her very expensive flowers. When Sally presents the evidence to Jasmine and asks to be paid for the flowers, Jasmine denies the dog has done any wrong. What should she do
a) Immediately call the police and try to have Jasmine arrested under her city’s “leash law”.
b) Trap the dog next time and take it to the humane society.
c) Attempt to get Jasmine to use Georgia’s mediation services to resolve the issue.
d) Sue Jasmine for as much money as Sally can get from her.

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