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Why did Abraham Lincoln chose not to be an aboltionist?
a) Because it would be "Political Suicide"
b) Because he agreed that there should be slavery
c) Because he thought that slavery didn't matter and would eventually die a "Natural Death"
d) Because he was too busy to care about small things like that

What date was Abraham Lincoin assassinated?
a) April 15th, 1865
b) September 7th, 1864
c) Augest 6th, 1866
d) June 19th, 1863

Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?
a) John Wilkes Booth
b) Stephan A Douglas
c) Dred Scot
d) Jefferson Davis

What did Abraham Lincoin think about slavery?
a) That it would die a "Natural Death"
b) He didn't really care for it
c) He wanted it to stop immediatley
d) He was scared of what would happen after slavery was dealt with

What year did Lincoln run for president?
a) 1860
b) 1864
c) 1856
d) 1852

What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
a) All slaves were freed
b) Only the slaves in the Border States were freed
c) Only the slaves in the South were freed
d) No slaves would ever be freed

What was the Kansas Nebraska Act?
a) It allowed people in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to decide for themselves whether to allow slavery within their bo
b) It stated that slavery was not allowed there
c) It stated that slavery was allowed there
d) It stated that the government was allowed to choose weather their will be slavery or not

Why was Abraham Lincoln against the Kansas Nebraska Act?
a) Because it allowed slavery to incraese
b) Because of it slavery wouldnn't be able to die a "Natural Death"
c) It went against the Missouri Comprimise of 1820
d) All of above

What political party did Lincoln join?
a) Republican Party
b) Democratic Party
c) Lincoin didn't join a political party because he wasn't a citizen
d) Other

What views did Lincoln have on the Dred Scott Case?
a) He realised that there should be slavery
b) He was disgusted with it but didn't do anything about it
c) He didn't care about it
d) He was disgusted with it and started do something about it

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