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What is the difference between direct learning and indirect learning?
a) Direct learning is independent learning that people pursue on their own. Indirect learning is forced on the learner by others
b) Indirect learning is a voluntary action taken by the learner with the intention of becoming a productive member of society.
c) When people learn culture directly, they are imitating and observing others. When indirectly, they are being taught
d) When people learn culture directly, they are being taught by someone else. When indirectly, they are learning by observation

Cultural elements include all of the following except __________.
a) a person’s eye color
b) a person’s belief system
c) a group’s governmental organization
d) a group’s technological accomplishments

What two religions are most commonly practiced in Africa?
a) Christianity and Buddhism
b) Buddhism and Hinduism
c) Islam and Christianity
d) Hinduism and Islam

Bridget is determined to make sure her children know everything about the community where they live. What type of culture is Bridget passing on to her children?
a) subculture
b) local culture
c) popular culture
d) universal culture

Which of the following is the best example of a cultural region?
a) a territory known for its hot springs
b) a region of land where all the mountains are capped in snow
c) an area defined by the language spoken by the majority of the people
d) a state in which half the people practice Judaism and the other half practice Christianity

Culture affects the way people conduct which of the following activities? i. Practicing important traditions. ii. Creating political organizations. iii. Meeting basic needs for survival.
a) i. only
b) i. and ii.
c) i. and iii.
d) i., ii., and iii.

When a group of people share values, practices, and beliefs, this is known as __________.
a) culture
b) the norm
c) enculturation
d) discrimination

One of the norms in the village was to meet at the town square on Fridays for a community dinner and dance. The underlined word in the sentence above is best defined as a __________.
a) cultural element shared by all people around the world
b) specific area in a town used for traditional community events
c) religious custom accepted and practiced by all members of a village
d) behavioral pattern that is regularly accepted by a group of people

Culture __________ members of a group.
a) overshadows
b) destroys
c) divides
d) unites

A specific area where people share one or more cultural traits is known as a __________.
a) subculture
b) cultural trait
c) cultural region
d) dominant norm

A small community of people who share beliefs, experiences, customs, traits, and values can best be described as a __________.
a) subculture
b) local culture
c) world culture
d) popular culture

A cultural group that exists within a dominant culture is best described as a __________.
a) subculture
b) local culture
c) popular culture
d) universal culture

Accepted cultural patterns practiced by the majority of people in a particular group are best defined as __________.
a) a subculture
b) a local culture
c) popular culture
d) the universal culture

Which of the following definitions is the best way to describe popular culture?
a) cultural patterns that can change quickly and that are accepted by the majority of the people
b) cultural traits that only exist within a dominant culture and that define the people
c) a cultural group that can be defined by a region or location
d) a cultural region that focuses only on one cultural trait

Popular culture may include changing trends in all of the following categories except __________.
a) clothing styles
b) history
c) music
d) art

When members of a community work to preserve their unique cultural traits, they are trying to protect their __________.
a) universal culture
b) cultural region
c) popular culture
d) local culture

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