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Important natural resources, found in the highland zone of Great Britain, include coal, oil, and_______.
a) iron ore
b) mountains
c) water
d) natural gas

The UK consist of Great Britain, including England, Scotland, Wales, and
a) France
b) Northern Ireland
c) Italy
d) Spain

The Gulf Stream flows by the British Isles and keeps the temperatures __________; moist climate with plenty of rain which is good for crops.
a) very cold
b) subtropical
c) mild
d) arid

The location of a country, its climate, and its ____________ have a tremendous impact on where its people live.
a) natural resources
b) economy
c) malcontent
d) strait

Acid rains has done all of the following except ----
a) destroying the bedrock in along the Canadian Shield
b) damaged to buildings
c) make plants and animals grow
d) hurt industries or business

Which two territories are affected by Canada's acid rain problem?
a) Quebec and Yukon
b) Ontario and Yukon
c) Ontario and Quebec
d) Alberta and Yukon

The action of taking out something is
a) hydroelectricity
b) extraction
c) deforestation
d) slash and burn

What is hydroelectricity?
a) electricity used to power a house
b) chemicals used to start locomotives
c) electricity generated by falling water
d) land surrounded by water on three sides

The lungs of the earth are ______.
a) mountains
b) deserts
c) savannas
d) rainforest

Venezuela pollution problem is also what causes its economy to flourish is from ____.
a) farm products
b) car production
c) oil production
d) technology production

Great Britain is a major supplier of which resources, found in the North Sea?
a) oil and natural gas
b) oil and iron ore
c) diamonds
d) coal

Malcontent is ________.
a) easily persuaded
b) defiance
c) one who is active in politics
d) one who is in active opposition to an established order or government

Rain, snow, sleet, fog or other wet precipitation that is mixed with air pollution cause what to form?
a) acid rain
b) smog
c) drought
d) famine

One solution the United Kingdom used to fight its smog issue was ______
a) stop people from smoking
b) tightened emission standards for vehicles
c) remove all charcoal from the country
d) no one was allowed to drive

In which country is Chernobyl located?
a) Italy
b) Ukraine
c) Russia
d) Japan

In the __________________ of 1952, 4,000 people died in a matter of a few days.
a) Great Depression
b) Pearl Harbor
c) Great Smog
d) boycotts

The world's largest nuclear disaster has ocurred at ________.
a) London
b) Rome
c) Chernobyl
d) Mexico City

What is smog?
a) a mixture of smoke and fog
b) a mixture of gas and water
c) a mixture of gas and smoke
d) another name for acid rain

Acid rain was a major problem in ______.
a) United Kingdom
b) Mexico
c) Brazil
d) Germany

______ has more foreign bank branches than any country in the world.
a) France
b) Italy
c) Germany
d) United Kingdom

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