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What term describes checks that have been written but have not yet been received by the bank?
a) outstanding
b) cashier's
c) canceled
d) overdraft

In case of fire in a microwave oven, what should you do?
a) press stop and get help
b) unplug the oven and keep the door closed
c) open the door and use a fire extinguisher
d) open the door and douse with water

When measuring liquids, which of the following is equal to one ounce?
a) one cup
b) two tablespoons
c) one teaspoon
d) two teaspoons

What is the common purpose of a letter of application and a resume?
a) provide proof of your skills
b) convince an employer to interview you
c) raise your salary
d) brag about your education

This term is defined as the original amount borrowed or deposited.
a) interest
b) collateral
c) finance charges
d) principal

How is a career defined?
a) the general path taken in one's professional life
b) an activity done to earn an income
c) the hobbies participated in during a lifetime
d) a single work assignment

Identify the term for balancing a checking account.
a) endorsing
b) reconciling
c) overdrafting
d) budgeting

Which of the following is an inappropriate use of social networking?
a) Post critical comments about your current employer
b) Post conservative videos that you have created
c) Post conservative photos from your vacation
d) Post original poetry that you have written

What happens to foods that are cooked quickly as they are in a microwave oven?
a) they lose fewer nutrients
b) they taste saltier
c) they lose more nutrients
d) they don't cook on the inside

Identify the term defined as how much you will earn on an investment or how much you will pay for borrowing money.
a) interest
b) principle
c) collateral
d) insufficient funds

To remove odors from a microwave, what can be placed into the microwave and cooked on high for three minutes?
a) baking powder
b) oven cleaner
c) a mixture of water and lemon juice
d) vinegar, mineral water, and salt

What document is a summary of your education, skills, and work experience?
a) letter of introduction
b) resignation
c) resume
d) personal file

What tool is used to help manage spending?
a) expense estimator
b) calculator
c) budget
d) parents

What is an aptitude?
a) your natural ability to complete a task
b) your enjoyment or dislike of a task
c) your knowledge about how to complete a task
d) your positive or negative feeling about a task

What produces the microwaves in a microwave oven?
a) magnetron tube
b) bimettalic strips
c) heater element
d) radio waves

This occurs when money is withdrawn from your account, making the available balance go below zero.
a) forgery
b) cancellation
c) overdraft
d) reconciliation

Which of the following is the result of microwaves entering food?
a) micro engergy
b) an electric charge
c) friction
d) a magnetic charge

What types of questions will appear on an interest survey?
a) questions about your physical abilities
b) questions about how much you enjoy specific activities
c) questions about your grades in classes
d) questions about your mental abilities

What term describes checks that have been written but not yet been received by the bank?
a) outstanding
b) cashier's
c) canceled
d) overdraft

This number represents your creditworthiness and is generated by a mathematical formula based on information in your credit report.
a) credit score
b) SAT score
c) ACT score
d) bank score

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