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What time period is the Walton's TV show set in?
a) 1890's
b) 1910's
c) 1920's
d) 1930's

John-Boy's _________________ encourages him to submit his story to be published.
a) teacher
b) grandma
c) sister
d) mother

Who did John-Boy borrow the typewriter from?
a) Miss Hunter
b) Mary Ellen Walton
c) Ike Godsey
d) The Baldwin Sisters

Who mistakenly sold the typewriter as junk?
a) Miss Hunter
b) Mary Ellen Walton
c) Ike Godsey
d) The Baldwin Sisters

The first typewriters had the letters placed alphabetically on the Keyboard.
a) True
b) False

What are your home row keys?
a) asdfg hjkl;
b) asdf jkl;
c) qwer uiop
d) zxcv m,./

What is a machine with keys for producing printlike characters one at a time on paper inserted around a roller.
a) writing machine
b) typeset
c) adding machine
d) typewriter

Why did John Boy need a typewriter?
a) He needed a typewriter to take to college with him.
b) His father needed help running his business.
c) The publisher would not accept hand-written manuscripts--he had to type up his story.
d) To use as a paper weight.

The modern typewriter uses the QWERTY keyboard design, how did it get its' name?
a) At the top left of the keyboard, it is the first six letters displayed.
b) It is the name of the inventor of the keyboard.
c) It is the name of the city in which the keyboard was invented.
d) It is the Latin word for typewriter.

Who is the inventor of the first modern typewriter?
a) Christopher Robin
b) Christopher Anderson
c) Christopher Sholes
d) Christopher Michael

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