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What is the natural border between France and Spain?
a) Ural Mountains
b) Mississippi River
c) Pyrenees Mountains
d) Alps

Russian is an example of a _____________________ language.
a) Romance
b) Slavic
c) Germanic
d) Greek

What do German and English have in common?
a) They are both Romance languages.
b) The are both primarily spoken in Russia
c) They are both Germanic languages
d) They are the primary spoken languages of Italy.

Which religion's followers practice their faith in a church?
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Judaism
d) Buddhism

Acid rain is destroying the Black Forest. This is a major problem for what country?
a) Italy
b) Russian
c) United Kingdom
d) Germany

What environmental issue is the United Kingdom working hard to reduce?
a) air pollution
b) water pollution
c) erosion
d) flodding

What physical feature is located between France and United Kingdom?
a) Alps
b) English Channel
c) European Plain
d) Danube River

What European physical feature is located north of Italy, making it hard for Italians to trade with the rest of Europe?
a) Pyrenees Mts
b) Alps
c) Ural Mts
d) Rhine River

What European country is an island made up of England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland?
a) Poland
b) Germany
c) Italy
d) United Kingdom

What are the followers of Islam called?
a) Muslims
b) Jews
c) Christians
d) Islams

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