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A __________ map shows the governmental boundaries of states and countries
a) Physical
b) Thematic
c) Political
d) Climate

The latitudinal zone that experiences temperate weather throughout the year is
a) High
b) Middle
c) Low

The latitudinal zone that experiences cold weather year round is
a) High
b) Middle
c) Low

The latitudinal zone that experiences warm weather year round is
a) High
b) Middle
c) Low

Geography is best defined as
a) the study of why and how people are different in different regions around the world
b) the study of landforms and topography
c) the study of how natural resources impact humans
d) the study of the earth

A ____________ focuses on the geography of the area and will often have shaded relief to show the mountains and valleys.
a) Political
b) Thematic
c) Physical
d) Climate

Natural resources—
a) are manufactured goods purchased and used by consumers
b) are acquired primarily by those who work in cold climates
c) include things like pencils and electronics
d) Impact the cultural and economic development of a region

Which of the following would a physical geographer be most likely to study?
a) The expansion of desert in Africa
b) The expansion of populations in Southeast Asia
c) The migration of Syrian Refugees
d) The diffusion of Christianity

__________ can best be defined as the state of the atmosphere- temperature, precipitation, wind, cloudiness, pressure, and more.
a) Climate
b) Temperature
c) Weather
d) Water Cycle

The equator is the only latitudinal line that affects climate?
a) True
b) False

Which of the following would a human geographer most likely to study?
a) The topographical make up of a region
b) The impact of technology on the spread of democratic governments
c) The amount of oil deposits found in the Middle East
d) Precipitation in South America

The ability of regions located closer to the equator to conduct agriculture demonstrates the—
a) Impact of human systems on the physical geography of a location
b) Effect of climate on the human geography of a region
c) Influence of topographical features on the demography of a region
d) Necessity of colder temperatures for agricultural activities

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