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Miss Crimmins is...
a) The best teacher
b) mean
c) grumpy
d) angry

to cause hurt feelings, anger, or annoyance; insult
a) offended
b) prairie
c) riverbed
d) shrieked

a large area of level or rolling land with grass, but few or no trees
a) prairie
b) riverbed
c) shrieked
d) bargain

to make a loud, shrill sound
a) bargain
b) shrieked
c) favor
d) lassoed

an agreement to trade; deal
a) favor
b) lassoed
c) bargain
d) offended

roped; caught with a lasso
a) offended
b) prairie
c) riverbed
d) lassoed

a channel in which a river flows, or used to flow
a) shrieked
b) bargain
c) riverbed
d) favor

an act of kindness
a) favor
b) bargain
c) lassoed
d) offended

Miss Crimmins loves
a) tornados
b) her class
c) fire
d) earthquakes

Miss Crimmins needs ______ every morning
a) coffee
b) cheese
c) salami
d) coconut

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