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The scientific method called _____ allows scientists to estimate the approximate age of an artifact.
a) electron microscopy
b) carbon dating
c) blind dating
d) carbonation

Which method of getting food changed the nomadic way of life?
a) hunting
b) gathering
c) fishing
d) farming

When the number of large mammals began to disappear, people had to find different _____ for food.
a) sources
b) estimates
c) nomads
d) cultures

People who move from place to place in search of hunting grounds or food sources are called _____.
a) archaeologists
b) mastodons
c) nomads
d) cultures

What happened to the Beringia land bridge when the ice age began to end and temperatures started to rise?
a) It was destroyed by an earthquake.
b) The oceans rose and covered it with water.
c) It stayed the same and still connects the continents today.
d) It grew wider and allowed more people to migrate.

The crossing of the land bridge was a _____, a movement of a large number of people into a new area.
a) migration
b) immigrant
c) mitigation
d) immunity

The tools, weapons, and artwork of early peoples are called _____.
a) archaeology
b) nomad
c) carbon dating
d) artifacts

The land bridge that connected Asia and the Americas was called _____.
a) Siberia
b) Antarctica
c) Alaska
d) Beringia

The study of ancient peoples is called _____.
a) astronomy
b) genealogy
c) archaeology
d) psychology

Culture is defined as _____.
a) a method of farming
b) a scientific dating technique
c) an approximate number
d) a way of life

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